by Brita Chell
Member, Church of St. Stephen and St. Bede
Member, Joint Anglican Lutheran Commission
The Church of St. Stephen and St. Bede
99 Turner Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3J 2S9
St. Stephen and St. Bede is located on Treaty No. 1 land, the traditional territory of the Cree, Ojibway and Dakota and also the homeland of the Metis Nation. 
At St. Stephen and St. Bede we strive to live into God's reconciling love and grace.
We are a family of Anglicans and Lutherans who worship as one on Sundays,
and who look to become all God means us to be in Christ.
Join us Sundays at 11 am.
Worship Service - Sundays at 11 am.
Communion and Bible Study - Wednesdays at 10:00 am.
​​​​Enjoy the music, be inspired and uplifted
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St. Stephen and St. Bede members
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Sunday, December 11

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READINGS ​for Dec 10

Isaiah 40: 1-11
Psalm 85: 1-2, 8-13
2 Peter 3: 8-15a
​Mark 1: 1-8
HYMNS for Dec 10 

Saviour of the Nations, Come - ELW 263
Prepare the Way, O Zion - CP 102
Light One Candle - WOV 630
Even So, Lord Jesus, Come - ​Choir & Congregation
Come, Thou Long-expected Jesus - CP 88
Wait for the Lord - CP 94
Hope Is A Star

December 10

Second Sunday of Advent

Sunday ​Worship Service
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7:00 pm.
Council Meeting.


10:00 am.
Wednesday Morning Communion Service and Bible Study


7:00 pm.
Christmas Carol Singalong Jam

11:00 am.
3rd Sunday of Advent
Lessons and Carols Service 

6:00 pm.
'Tis The Season! Annual Caroling Night 
Mount Royal Food Bank


9:00 am.
4th Sunday of Advent
Joint Service at St. James Anglican Church

7:30 pm.
Christmas Eve Service

10:30 am.
Oakview Care Home Service

Christmas Carol Singalong Jam 

​Come enjoy an evening of Singing Carols, Snacks, Refreshments and Socializing here at the church on Wednesday, December 13 at 7:00 pm. Musicians are welcome – bring your instruments!
Invite and bring your families and friends.
Spread the word!
Free-Will offering gratefully accepted.
'Tis The Season!

​Mark your calendars. Our annual Christmas Caroling Night has been set. Come join us on Tuesday, December 19, at 6:00 pm. as we spread good cheer to shut-ins in our church family and local community. If you know of someone who would like to have the carolers drop by, or would like to participate in the singing and fun, contact Karen or the church office.
Jim's Goats

​Yes, it’s that time of year again! Jim Aris was a long-time member of our parish and started this outreach project many years ago. Each year we take donations to buy goats for a less fortunate country. Please mark your church envelope “Jim’s Goats” with the designated amount. It all gets added to your yearly givings for a tax receipt.
Throughought 2017, St. Stephen and St. Bede has been commemorating ​​​​500 years of the Reformation.  One goal has been to learn the music that Martin Luther wrote and appears in our hymnals. On Sundays we often feature one of Luther's hymns.  Many thanks to Carole Grier for her leadership in this project! 
This week’s Luther Hymn:
Saviour of the Nations, Come
​- ELW 263
Ministry in Motion - Boda Boda

​Our companion parish of Galatiya is in need of a “boda boda” (aka. scooter) so that the local parish rector can visit his parish members. We have decided to raise money (about $2000) for them to purchase it.

Please make your donation by marking “boda boda” on your offering envelope.​
​​​​1517 - 2017 - Commemoration of The Reformation

All are Welcome to Worship with Us - 11 am Sundays

November 5
          Featuring an Antiphonal Presentation of:
                                       ”The Lord’s Prayer by Martin Luther”
November 12
          Speaker: ”Brother Martin of Wittenberg and Winnipeg”
November 19
          Speaker: ”Brother Tim of Philadelphia and Saskatoon”
November 26
          Speaker: ”Brother Dirk of Taizé and St. Paul”

​​​​1517 - 2017 - Commemoration of The Reformation

Come Join Us for our Lecture Series and Panel Discussions: 

"Grace Not For Sale"
Rev. Dr. Timothy J. Wengert

​Saturday, November 18, 7 pm.
Church of the Cross, 560 Arlington St.

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Wengert has published many books, including Reading the Bible With Luther, and a translation of The 95 Theses. He was awarded the Melanchthon Prize for his studies of that peacemaking scholar and colleague of Luther. During recent months he has spoken in many Lutheran and Catholic churches in Asia and North America. In July he gave a plenary address to the International Luther Congress meeting at Wittenberg, Germany.

"Unity in Diversity"
Rev. Dr. Dirk Lange

​​​Saturday, November 25, 2 pm.
St. Mary's Academy, 550 Wellington Cr.

The Rev. Dr. Dirk Lange was co-planner of worship for the Commemoration of the Reformation in Lund and Malmo with Prayers for Unity of Catholics and Lutherans. He is the Lutheran member for North America of the International Commission of Lutherans and Roman Catholics for Unity, meeting across the globe. Born and educated in Winnipeg, he has published books and essays on Christian worship and teaches in Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota.
​​​​​1517 - 2017 - Commemoration of The Reformation
​Luther Fest 

​Friday, November 10 
7 to 11 pm.

With The German Club Band of Winnipeg

Bratwurst, Bier, Polkas, and Waltzes

​Advance Tickets ​$15 (cash only, includes the meal)
​Call Carole at 204-831-8954


​Lederhosen Und Dirndls Welcome!
Remembrance Day

​There will be a Comemoration Remembrance Day Service ​this Sunday, November 5, at 11:00 am. 

This service is presented in conjuction with ANAVETS Unit 283 and will be highlighted by a colour guard, bagpipes, bugle and a laying of poppies and a wreath in memory of loved ones.​
​​​​1517 - 2017 - Commemoration of The Reformation

November 5
​In addition to the Remembrance Sunday ceremony, our service will be featuring an Antiphonal Presentation of:
                                       ”The Lord’s Prayer by Martin Luther”
as part of our Reformation 500 year of events. This is an in depth look at what it means when we pray The Lord's Prayer.

This is going to be a Sunday not to miss!
All Saints Day

​All Saints Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 1, at our 10:00 am. worship service.
Reformation Day

​The official Reformation Day in the Church calendar is Sunday, October 29.

As the actions of Martin Luther marked the beginning of many events in the Reformation Era spawning many changes to the early Church, our service at 11:00 am. marks the beginning of a month of Lutherjahr events we have planned.​
Contemporary Service This Sunday

​The next Contemporary Service will take place on Sunday, October 22 at 11:00 am. featuring the music of Loaves & Fishes.

Come join us for this very spirited service.​
​​Joint Service and Lunch!

​Sunday, October 1st we will be hosting a Joint Servie and Lunch with St. James Anglican. ​Note the Special Service Time - 10:00 am.

The meal will be provided.

Free-will offering graciously accepted.

​Community Garden Update

Tomatoes! Cherry Tomatoes and Beefsteaks are forming. Cucumbers too! Squash and beans are blooming and we have already picked some radishes!

Our church has partnered up with Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) and Winnipeg Harvest to build a Community Vegetable Garden in our front yard. The harvest from the garden will be used to supplement our Food Bank packages along with counseling on healthy meal planning by a professional dietician.

If you can assist in the watering and tending of the garden, please see Tim or other council members.​
​​Fundraising Lunch!

Come to Worship on ​Sunday, August 27 and plan to stay for a special ​Fundraiser Lunch​, with proceeds going toward a ​new dishwasher​ for our kitchen.

The meal will be provided.

Free will offering at the door.
​​​Peguis Selkirk 200: Honouring The Spirit of 1817

​Come Celebrate​ the​ 200th Anniversary​ of the signing of the ​Treaty between Lord Selkirk and Chief Peguis​, Sunday, July 16th, 3:00 pm., at St. Boniface Cathedral. Our own Pastor Murray Still ​will be ​leading the service!!

The Peguis Selkirk Treaty signed July 18, 1817 represented “peace, order and mutual cooperation”. It's the first Treaty signed in western Canada and it was signed before there even was a Canada. It marks the beginning of the relationship between First Nations and the Crown in western Canada. It shaped not only Winnipeg and Manitoba but also the nation itself. Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk, and five First Nations’ chiefs, led by Chief Peguis, put ink to paper 200 years ago on July 18, 1817 at Lord Selkirk's Hudson’s Bay Company post - Fort Douglas on what is now Waterfront Drive. Historically it has been known as “The Selkirk Treaty” but it should be referred to as “The Peguis Selkirk Treaty”, and that’s the term we will use. The Treaty conforms to the spirit of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 which provided a constitutional framework for Indigenous land entitlement and has been referred to as ‘Canada’s Indian Magna Carta’. Although it made the Red River Settlement possible, and the original document is housed here in Winnipeg at the Hudson’s Bay Archives, very few of us even know about it. That is about to change.

In today’s spirit of reconciliation, a committee of 35 volunteers representing more than 20 indigenous and setter organizations is Honouring The Spirit of 1817 by commemorating The Peguis Selkirk Treaty. The committee is co-chaired by Bill Shead of Peguis First Nation (and former Mayor of Selkirk) and John Perrin of The Scottish Heritage Council of Manitoba. The committee is working to raise public awareness and honour the visionary leadership and friendship of Chief Peguis and Lord Selkirk leading to the signing of the 1817 Treaty. In agreeing to the terms of their Treaty they promoted the “peace, order and mutual cooperation” which characterizes Manitoba’s unique history. In 1897, the Federal Government took the Young Chippewayan Indian Reservation for settlement.

Lord Selkirk of Douglas to join Commemorations of Peguis Selkirk Treaty in visit to Manitoba July 16 – 22, 2017:
On the 200th Anniversary, the committee also wants to bring attention to the long term relationship initiated by the Treaty which has been sustained over the years between generations of Lord Selkirk’s descendants and generations of Chiefs at Peguis. The committee has planned numerous events revolving around a visit to Manitoba of the current 11th Lord Selkirk, who has accepted an invitation from Manitoba First Nations led by the Chief of
Brokenhead Ojibway First Nation Jim Bear, The Scottish Heritage Council of Manitoba and other settler organizations represented by the committee. There will be an array of free public events running from Sunday July 16 through Saturday July 22 in Winnipeg, Selkirk, St. Boniface, St. Peter’s Reserve and the Peguis and Brokenhead First Nations.

For information please contact:
Bill Shead, Committee Co-Chair, Email: wshead@mts.net

John Perrin, Committee Co-Chair, Email: jdperrin@mts.net 

Ph: 204-489-9235
Terry MacLeod, Chair, Marketing and Communications.

Email: terrymacleod@gmail.com, Cell: 204-782-9936


​Reserve 107: Reconciliation on the Praires

A video presentation Thursday, June 29, 7:00 pm.

In the small town of Laird, Saskatchewan, an old injustice is providing new opportunities for dialogue, friendship, and righting a wrong.

In 1897, the Federal Government took the Young Chippewayan Indian Reservation for settlement.

Film maker Brad Leitch explores how the Young Chippewayan Band, Mennonites, and Lutherans work together to resolve this land claim.

​Brad will be in attendence at SSSB for questions and discussion.
"The Treaties will always be important to us. This is our land ... and we gave up parts of it to be guaranteed safety and to have a home."
​             - Chief Ben Weenie

See our Photo Gallery for more pictures of this event and more examples of faith in action.
St. James Anglican Heritage Church - Season Opening

​On Sunday, June 25, we will be joining with St. James Anglican for their Heritage Church Opening Service at 10:00 am., 525 Tylehurst St.

There will NOT be a regular Worship service at our church that Sunday.​
​National Aboriginal Day - ​Service of the Word

​Guest Speaker: Elder George Spence on the '60's Scoop.

Wednesday, June 21, 7:00 pm. ​at St. James Heritage Church,
525 Tylhurst St.​
​Winnipeg's Indigenous Accord Signing Ceremony
Mayor Brian Bowman and the City of Winnipeg have pledged to work at reconciliation and our Church of St. Stephen and St. Bede, and St. James Anglican, were among the faith groups to sign on.
​Pastor Murray attended the ceremony in the morning of Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at the Forks to sign the Accord.

​As long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and rivers flow

See our Photo Gallery for more pictures of this event and more examples of faith in action.
​Book Study:
The Inconvenient Indian:
A Curious Account of Native People In North America

A dozen turned out to discuss Tom Kings book The Inconvenient Indian as part of the Indigenous Awareness month at the churches of St. James and St. Stephen and St. Bede. 
The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People In North America by Thomas King; 2012. Winner of the 2014 RBC Taylor Prize.
          ​The  Inconvenient Indian ... is a history of the relationship between  
​          ​North America's Natives and non-Natives in the centuries since the
          ​peoples first met. Perhaps it's better described as a subversion of
          ​history, as King builds a detailed case for how Natives have been,
          ​and continue to be, trampled by non-Aboriginal people ... The  book is           ​serious but immensely readable, for King delivers his message in an
          ​unconventional manner - with humour and biting, clever wit.

Closing discussion took place on Tuesday, June 27 from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. at St. James, with a potluck dinner at 6:00.​

See our Photo Gallery for more pictures of this event and more examples of faith in action.
​National Aboriginal Day of Prayer
Sunday, June 18

We celebrate National Aboriginal Day of Prayer as part of National Indigenous Awareness Month and in advance of Canada National Aboriginal Day, June 21 - a day for all Canadians to recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

The Canadian Constitution recognizes these three groups as Aboriginal peoples, also known as Indigenous Peoples.

Although these groups share many similarities, they each have their own distinct heritage, language, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs.

In cooperation with Indigenous organizations, the Government of Canada chose June 21, the summer solstice, for National Aboriginal Day. For generations, many Indigenous Peoples and communities have celebrated their culture and heritage on or near this day due to the significance of the summer solstice as the longest day of the year.
​Honouring the Four Directions

Come Great Spirit as we gather in your name.
We face East:
To your symbol colour Red, the hue of revelation;
To your animal symbol the Eagle, strong and nurturing;
To your lessons calling us to the balance of your Spirit in Harmony
            with brothers and sisters;
To invoke your wisdom and grace, the goodness of the ages,
We pray:
​Come Holy Spirit, Come.
We turn to face South:
To your symbol colour Gold for the morning star;
To your symbol Brother Sun that enlightens our intellect and brings  
            light on our path to live responsibly;
To your lessons calling us to the balance of Mind in the spirit
            of humility;
To invoke your spirit of illumination and far sighted vision;
Help us to love you and one another with our whole heart, our whole
            mind, and our whole soul,
We pray:
​Come Holy Spirit, Come.
We turn to face West:
To your symbol colour Black, still and quiet.
To your animal symbol the Thunderbird;
To your symbol the Thunder, mighty and purposeful;
To your lessons calling us to balance our emotions in the spirit of
            Gentleness and Honesty;
To invoke your spirit of introspection, seeing within; give us your
            strength and the courage to endure,
We pray:
​Come Holy Spirit, Come
We turn to face North:
To your symbol colour White of clarity and brightness.
To your animal symbol the Swan which brings us in touch with
            Mother Earth and growing things;
To your lessons calling us to the balance of our Body in the spirit of a
            good sense of humour;
To invoke your spirit of innocence, trust and love;
Help us to open our eyes to the sacredness of every living thing,
We pray:
​Come Holy Spirit, Come.
We turn to complete the circle and to look:
To God, our Creator who cleanses our Mother Earth with snow, wind
            and rain;
To Jesus Christ, the Peacemaker who fills us with the wideness of
            mercy and Lovingly embraces all,
And the Holy Spirit who inspires us to action:
​Come Holy Spirit, Come.
​June is Indigenous Awareness Month​​

Our two churches, St James and St Stephen and St Bede have partnered with Urban Indigenous Mission Developer Vincent Solomon to offer educational programs around Indigenous issues. This is in response to a resolution adopted at the last Anglican diocesan Synod that calls all churches to offer education on indigenous issues," as well as "a response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action to the Church."​
​A Learning Journey - Ray St Germain in concert

​As part of Indigenous Awareness month, our church and St. James Anglican invite you to this special concert event Thursday, June 15 at 7:30 pm.

Doors open at 6:30 at Epiphany Indigenous Anglican church, 730 McPhillips St. Tickets are $10.00 at the door or in advance (call 204-475-9956) with all proceeds going to support the Epiphany Indigenous Mission.​
​​For Love of a River: Two stories of loss and longing​​

​A video presentation ​Thursday, June 8, 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

Film maker Brad Leitch tells the story of the flooding of two northern Manitoba communities for the sake of building hydro dams. 

​Brad will be in attendence at SSSB for questions and discussion.

The Rev. Canon Dr. Murray Still